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Our Pastor

Upper Room International Ministries
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Apostle James R. Edmonds Jr. Ph.D.
Senior Pastor And Establishmentarian
  • President And Founder Of Dominion Bible College And Seminary.
  • Founder And Senior Pastor Of The Upper Room International Ministries.
  • International Chief Apostle And Presiding Prelate.
  • Credentialed Educator through the International Accrediting Association Of Private And Theological Schools

Biography of Apostle James R. Edmonds Jr. Ph.D.

Apostle James R. Edmonds Jr  is an academician, holding earned degrees in Psychology, Ministry, Theology and Philosophy. He is the Senior-Pastor and Establishmentarian of Upper Room International Ministries, and serves on several boards and committees. Apostle Edmonds is the International Chief Apostle and Presiding Prelate of the Upper Room International Ministries As Well. 

Apostle James R. Edmonds Jr was raised in Maryland and was brought up in the Baptist Church. He credits his sense of structure and liturgical training to his childhood Christian upbringing. While in his early twenties and leaving his home, the Apostle found himself seeking more in depth knowledge of the Scriptures and a more open worship environment. This is when he became "non-denominational," and was initially ordained as a Minister of the Gospel.

Returning home to Baltimore Maryland, Apostle Edmonds was active in the Urban Ministry and Evangelism campaign at several different churches. Heeding the calling of the Lord, Apostle Edmonds was led to unite ministers from various denominational backgrounds. It has always been his agenda to put aside denominational and dogmatic philosophy and unite under the banner of Jesus Christ alone.  Since then he has had the privilege and honor of ordaining many men and women to the ministry throughout the US an abroad.

Throughout his ministry, Apostle Edmonds has planted several churches and ministries. Now residing in Hartford Connecticut and remaining true to his calling and ministry that the Lord appointed him to, Apostle Edmonds is known as an accomplished "Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher." He is a true Apostolic Father to many.

"With A Burning Passion For God, And Compassion For People.